Combustible gases – a particular hazard

combustible gases - a particular hazard

15 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of redwitz, neuensee, wolfsdorf and the district fire department recently met at the wallenstadter geratehaus to take part in a training course in the handling of natural and liquefied gases.

Five possible deployment scenarios

The aim of the training was to practice the structure of the gas supply, the physical principles of gases and their recognition characteristics, as well as the five possible operational scenarios that may exist for the fire department.

In the practical part, the use of measuring devices and the evaluation of measured values as well as the procedure for shutting off the gas supply in building installations were demonstrated.

In the area of liquefied gas supply, the different identification features and safety devices of gas cylinders were explained. On the training ground at the gas transfer station in oberwallenstadt, germany, emergency drills were carried out with burning gas and non-burning gas leaks.

The training was organized by christian and christoph lotz, who both work at the lichtenfels municipal utility on the natural gas network and are active firefighters in wallenstadt. Training goal should be that the fire departments receive clear hazard characteristics for operations in connection with flammable gases. During the final discussion, it was agreed that the dangers, as far as they are recognized, can be well controlled. The training was supported by the municipal utilities

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