Erna and joachim klatt hold together ironcladly

Erna and joachim klatt hold together ironcladly

Erna and joachim klatt from mainbernheim celebrated their iron wedding anniversary. 65 years the two are together with it. For their anniversary they received a bank as a gift from their children. A more than useful gift, especially in corona times, because sitting in the open air is also a good way to talk to visitors.

If you chat with them, you can feel their happiness and harmony, probably the same as 65 years ago, on the 31st of december. March 1956, when they met in the st. Matthaus church in markt einersheim to say "I do". "I was already 18", erna klatt (83) remembers. But at that time, the written consent of the parents was still required, she says. Yes, she married a preuben, says the frankin through and through. She had, so to speak, sacrificed herself for franken. Her husband joachim (88) seems to already know the statement and accepts it with a thoroughly french smile.

Ten grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren

Mayor peter kraus was happy to come and congratulate her, after all he is the son-in-law of erna and joachim klatt, who have a son and three daughters. In the meantime, they are happy not only about ten grandchildren, but also about 13 great-grandchildren.

Joachim klatt came on 6. December 1932 in duhringshof (district landsberg an der warthe) into the world. In march 1945, the family fled to lichtenfels in upper franconia, and in may 1949, they arrived in markt einersheim because their father hellmuth had been offered a job there as stationmaster.Joachim was involved in the evangelical youth organization at an early age. He also met his wife erna, nee link, there.

Erna klatt, born 25. August 1937 in markt einersheim, was a specialist teacher for home economics in the vocational schools in kitzingen and ochsenfurt as well as in the technical school for home economics and child care on the schwanberg. In addition, she supported the archival work of the town of mainbernheim until 2019 by collecting newspaper clippings.

Joachim klatt was responsible for 25 years at the telecommunications construction district of kitzingen for the line technology supply of the counties of kitzingen, ochsenfurt and gerolzhofen, then he was head of the line technology department at the telecommunications office in wurzburg and responsible for almost all of lower franconia.

Mayor for twelve years

In terms of local politics, he also has a lot in common with his son-in-law, who took over the office of mayor 30 years after him. Klatt was mayor of mainbernheim from 1972 to 1984. Due to his job, he did not run again in 1984, but remained on the city council as a member of the free-choice faction until 1990. Klatt was also involved in numerous committees and associations.

The french dialect and poetry are erna klatt’s passion. Reading, watching television or puzzles like sudoku are also among her hobbies. Sailing is her husband’s passion. And home improvement. Much of the house in mainbernheim is homemade.

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