Eu summit at odds over climate target and staff package

Eu summit at odds over climate target and staff package

At the EU summit, the binding commitment to an ambitious new climate target for 2050 failed.

The date supported by germany for the transition to a "carbon-neutral" economy was dropped from the summit declaration after hours of debate on thursday and relegated to a fubnote, diplomats confirmed. In the dispute over the new leadership of the european union, too, no agreement was in sight by late evening. However, it was decided to extend the russia sanctions.

The appointment of EU leaders for the next few years was actually the top topic for the meeting of heads of state and government. But the discussion about the new climate target dragged on so long that the rough post poker had not even begun in the evening. German chancellor angela merkel had steamed expectations at the start of the meeting anyway.

In the climate debate, france proposed a 2050 target for a "climate-neutral EU", which merkel expressly supported. But poland in particular, with the support of hungary, the czech republic and estonia, resisted the binding target date. It was ultimately cancelled. According to diplomats, the note indicates that a majority of EU countries were in favor of the date.

State leaders were under pressure because of the climate protests. UN secretary general antonio guterres had also called on the EU to strive for climate neutrality by 2050. This is to serve the goal of the paris climate agreement to stop global warming at a maximum of 2 degrees, but at least at 1.5 degrees, in each case compared to the time before industrialization.

The target means saving the vast majority of greenhouse gases. The rest must be compensated for, for example through reforestation or storage. At the same time, the energy supply must be changed from oil, coal and gas to wind, sun, biofuel and co, and energy must be used extremely sparingly. Huge investments were needed. Poland has a high proportion of coal and has had to make more of an effort than other EU countries. Prime minister mateusz morawiecki therefore called for a balance to be struck.

The situation also seemed to be in a state of deadlock at the start of the summit when it came to filling the EU’s top posts. Chancellor merkel and council head donald tusk dampened hopes that a personnel package could already be agreed at the two-day meeting. "We still have a few days," merkel said.

At stake is the succession of EU commission head jean-claude juncker as well as four other posts – the presidents of the european council, the european parliament and the european central bank (ECB) as well as the position of the european commissioner for european affairs.

The successor to juncker is CSU vice president manfred weber, whose european people’s party (EPP) once again emerged as the strongest force in the european elections. The social democrat frans timmermans and the liberal margrethe vestager also ran as candidates for their parties. The heads of government in the european council have the right to nominate, but then a majority in the eu parliament is needed.

French president emmanuel macron stands up to weber. But no majority is in sight for the other candidates either. Merkel said that a solution would not be found until the constituent session of the new european parliament on 2 june. July. "As always, you have to proceed step by step." She stressed that a consensus should be found with the european parliament. Irish prime minister leo varadkar says he expects a special summit in late june or early july.

The 28 countries agreed to extend the economic sanctions imposed on russia because of the conflict in ukraine. The EU last extended trade and investment restrictions until 31 december 2018, despite billions in losses for domestic companies. July 2019 verlangert. They are now to be valid for another six months.

EU criminal checks were introduced after the crash of a malaysian airliner with 298 people on board over eastern ukraine in july 2014. Russia can only hope for a lifting of the ceasefire if the agreements of the minsk peace plan on the ukraine conflict are completely fulfilled.

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