Fifth suspected nazi terrorist arrested

Fifth suspected nazi terrorist arrested

The 31-year-old allegedly provided the terrorists with a firearm and ammunition. Federal prosecutors accuse him of assisting in six murders and one attempted murder. This means that a total of five suspects from the "national socialist underground" (NSU) are in custody under investigation.

The now arrested carsten S. Alleged to have bought a gun and ammunition in jena in 2001 or 2002, which were brought to the hiding terrorists through intermediaries. The federal prosecutor’s office declared that he had "condoned" that the weapon could be used for right-wing extremist murders. So far, however, it is unclear whether the weapon was actually used in the murders of the terrorist trio. Carsten S. Was presented to the investigating judge at the federal court of justice on wednesday afternoon. His apartment in dusseldorf was searched.

According to the findings of the investigators, carsten S. Active in the right-wing extremist "thuringer heimatschutz" in 1999 and 2000 – like the three members of the zwickau cell who went underground in 1998 before them. According to information from the federal office for the protection of the constitution, he was elected deputy chairman of the young national democrats of thuringia in july 2000.

Later, however, carsten S. To have left the right-wing scene. According to the news agency dpa, he studied social pedagogy at the university of applied sciences in dusseldorf and worked in a facility for homosexuals. Last week, he contacted the press through his lawyer. He left the right-wing scene in 2000, according to the declaration. "Since then, i have distanced myself from it and abhor any kind of right-wing, racist and extremist ideas. I also had no more contact with the right-wing scene after 2000."

The federal prosecutor’s office sees this differently. Until 2003, carsten S. Contacts maintained with right-wing extremist circles. "He was in close contact with the three members of the NSU who disappeared in 1998," the investigators said. At times, he is said to have been the only one from the right-wing extremist environment who still maintained direct contact with the three who had gone underground. He is also said to have helped them with money.

The neo-nazi trio is allegedly responsible for the murders of nine small businessmen of turkish and greek origin and a policewoman in heilbronn in 2007. Two bombings in colombia in 2001 and 2004 and several bank robberies are also said to be attributable to them. The suspected terrorists uwe bohnhardt and uwe mundlos killed themselves in a mobile home in eisenach at the beginning of november – probably to escape arrest after a bank robbery. The only survivor of the trio, 37-year-old beate zschape, is in custody pending trial. In addition, next to carsten S. Four more suspected terrorist aides in custody.

An investigative committee of the bundestag is to clarify by mid-2013 why the zwickau trio were able to murder and rob for years and why the police and the office for the protection of the constitution apparently did not know about them. The committee is to clarify in particular whether something needs to be changed in the structure of the security authorities or in the cooperation between the federal government and the federal states. In parallel, a federal-land commission is to take a close look at this last aspect in particular.

In thuringia, the country of origin of the zwickau trio, an independent special investigator is working through the events. The state parliament in erfurt also set up an investigative committee.

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