Five kilos of amphetamine discovered in wurzburg

Five kilos of amphetamine discovered in wurzburg

The men, aged 32 and 40, were arrested and are now in custody after being issued arrest warrants. An investigation is now underway against a woman who was apparently supplied by the accused.

The woman from wurzburg had made the acquaintance of the wurzburg police after a theft on monday. In the course of the investigation, it turned out that the woman was already wanted on a warrant. She was therefore still on monday in a correctional facility admitted.

The officers of the wurzburg police also discovered a small quantity of narcotics in the 31-year-old's possession. The arrested woman admitted that there was more narcotics in her apartment. In fact, the officers found just over 100 grams of amphetamine there.

Investigations brought dealers to light
During the further investigations, which were subsequently conducted by officers of the wurzburg criminal police, two men from wurzburg were quickly traced, who are urgently suspected of having supplied the narcotics.

The drug investigators then turned up at the accused's home on tuesday, where almost 1.8 kilograms of amphetamine were seized from the older of the two and around three kilograms of the drug from the younger one. The investigators also found around 30 grams of crystalspeed as well as several fine scales and countless small packaging bags.

The men were arrested and brought before the investigating judge on wednesday by order of the public prosecutor's office in wurzburg. After warrants were issued, both men, one of whom was already known from the drug scene, were taken into custody for investigation. Investigations are now underway against the two suspects on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics.

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