Gerlinde martin has the political knack

Gerlinde martin has the political knack

51-year-old gerlinde martin from obervolkach has been an active member of the volkach city council for the CSU for many years. She has headed the local CSU association for 15 years. "I want to bring politics closer to people and get them excited about it. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple", she says. Martin and her comrades-in-arms took advantage of the political fair in the volkach district, which traditionally belongs to the CSU, to celebrate the 60th birthday of the party, which was cancelled last year. Celebrating the anniversary of the local association extensively.

"Personally, I think it’s very important for people who are concerned about christian values to get involved in politics, emphasizes the local chairwoman. She gets a lot of enjoyment out of her work in local politics. "I like to put all my energy into my work here."

Together with the members of the local association, she put in a lot of effort on saturday to serve the guests of the church fair a convivial evening.

The district chairman of the CSU, member of the state parliament dr. Otto hunnerkopf was also present at the birthday party, as was the retired state minister dr. Thomas goppel. In the parish hall, the former environment and science minister spoke on the topic of "the CSU close to the people – politics according to the christian image of man".

Goppel recalled the principles with which the CSU makes policy. On the issue of "retirement age the keynote speaker said: "we will have to work longer in the future if we want the same quality standards for the future." We need to talk more to each other and do more for education. The goal is to always have the next person in mind, said goppel and reminded of the three principles of the christian image of man: personality, solidarity and subsidiarity. The latter is a "house rule on how to treat each other."

Social interaction was a priority at the 30. September 1951 a main reason for founding the local association, gerlinde martin looks back. Josef thaler was elected as the first chairman. His deputy was hans stahl and treasurer josef thaler II. Also spiritual council dr. Gengler was a founding member. "Unfortunately, none of the founding members is still alive", according to the local chairwoman.

Siegfried feuerbach has been with the party since 1954, and she gave him a special burial as the oldest member.

As a "family politician she told keynote speaker goppel to keep in mind in all decisions made in munich that "the family is the nucleus of our society and takes care of the next generation". In your opinion, the CSU should therefore also stick to the care allowance. "The childcare allowance is a recognition for all mothers who stay at home with their children for the first few years."

Martin is herself the mother of three children and therefore knows the worries and the note of the parents. In the beginning there was little time for their hobbies. Today, her honorary posts in politics, but also in church work and in associations, are among the passions of the district councilor, who has been the CSU’s leader in the kitzingen district association since 1995.

She joined the CSU in 1989 and, according to her own statement, "caught fire immediately. In the 15 years she has been chairman, she has seen that it is not easy to attract new members to a small local association. However, some younger members make them confident.

Martin regrets that for many people party work is something negative.

"People forget that democratic parties are important for a democratic state and community." In order to promote this understanding, the local association has been organizing the political "kirchweih" (church fair), information events and local political meetings since 1994.

Had them for 60 years. On the occasion of the local association’s 50th birthday, martin made a wish for more people who are enthusiastic about politics and who also help to keep democracy alive – without aspiring to a high office.

She wishes the CSU in bavaria better results in the upcoming elections. "The CSU in bavaria has done an excellent job in the last decades and we are in a great position compared to other federal states."

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