Grune is contesting the municipal elections in michelau with its own list for the first time

Grune is contesting the municipal elections in michelau with its own list for the first time

There are many ways to make a region livable. Traffic calming, concrete wall fencing and the participation of young people are just a few of the ideas that are being developed at the "zum stern" guesthouse were brought to the attention of around 30 interested citizens. The information event was organized by the district association of alliance 90/the greens. The party wants to run for the first time with its own list in michelau for the municipal elections in 2020.

The goal of all efforts should be to shape the region for the citizens in such a way that the quality of life is noticeably improved. "We want to live and work with nature, not against it", explained michelau councillor paul habich, who switched from the SPD to the grunen and presented the first ideas and topics that are to become part of the grunen election program this evening.

One of the central points mentioned was the reduction of speed at the entrances to the town, which can be achieved by means of speed signs or by limiting the speed to 30 km/h. The aim is also to reduce the number of traffic lanes in the town. In addition, the road to the michelau train station needs to be made safer for cyclists. The fact that the current situation is quite dangerous due to the very heavy volume of trucks at this location remained undisputed. The aim is also to keep through traffic more effectively on the federal highways and the autobahn and to make shortcuts via the municipality of michelau as difficult as possible.

Village renewal in all villages was also addressed. Here the municipality has so far not sufficiently exhausted the possibilities for the demand of the quality of life on the spot. Combined with ecological considerations, a village renewal in schwurbitz, lettenreuth and neuensee could mean a major gain for the citizens of the towns. Therefore it is to be examined whether in the future also means from the urban development requirement can be requested for this purpose.

More nature could take hold in michelau when the concrete walls and gabions at the flood protection site were grassed over and fruit trees were planted on the sides of the river bank and on other suitable flat areas. The grasslands along the roads leading to the rowing lake are to be transformed into flower meadows.

The list of ideas for michelau also includes the establishment of a youth parliament. This gave young people between the ages of twelve and eighteen the opportunity to be heard in the municipal council and to take an active part in the political events in their home town. For the older generations, on the other hand, there are plans to set up a senior citizens’ exercise area, among other things.

The next meeting, in order to work further on the green program for michelau, will take place tomorrow, friday, at 7 p.M. In the restaurant "tapsi" in michelau. All burgers, the michelau "grunks" are welcome to do so.

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