Haas still in top form: “i’ve grown wiser”

Haas still in top form: 'I've grown wiser'

Haas is causing astonishment and enthusiasm like seldom before: the tennis oldie is experiencing the second spring of his career. Around ten years after his rough exploits, he suddenly finds himself back among the world”s best drivers. On tuesday, the hamburg native won his opening match at the ATP masters in toronto against argentinian david nalbandian 6-2, 6-7 (11-13) and 6-3.

"I think it was an exciting match today – entertaining to say the least," haas told the german press agency dpa after the match. After nalbandian had decided the second set for himself, haas came back: "when you lose a set like that, it’s really difficult to stay mentally on, especially after the past long week."The 34-year-old had shone in washington and was only beaten in the final there at the weekend.

"It’s really been the last four or five months of playing really high quality tennis, where I still feel like I can beat pretty much anyone," haas said. After injuries to his hoof and elbow, he had slipped far down the ATP world rankings before this season. Now he is ranked 25th.

When asked what the differences were between his game ten years ago, haas said: "I can definitely say that I have become wiser over the years."He had to put up with repeated jolts – numerous injuries and personal worries. In 2002, he canceled his participation in wimbledon because his parents were fighting for their lives after a motorcycle accident.

Success or no success: the non-nomination for the olympics despite his excellent form still bothers the american of choice. Especially as things went anything but well for the german men in london: bayreuth’s philipp petzschner missed the olympic round of 16, augsburg’s philipp kohlschreiber cancelled his participation due to injury. 2000 haas won silver at the olympics.

However, the failure to take into account has not put haas, who will meet frenchman gilles simon in toronto on wednesday, off track. Three weeks before the start of the US open, he seems to be capable of anything. And who knows how far he’ll get in new york?. Should haas also cause a surprise in flushing meadows, he is sure to receive recognition. Like after his tournament victory in halle. Afterwards, one of germany’s greatest athletes praised him: "congratulations, my boy, you are my hero," basketball icon dirk nowitzki tweeted.

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