Heckler & koch demands unpaid work from employees

Heckler & koch demands unpaid work from employees

A company spokesman confirmed that negotiations with the employees were underway, but did not give any figures. Previously, the "welt" had reported that 2.5 to 3 hours of additional work were to be done each week.

The company spokesman said: "we are currently working on a comprehensive innovation and growth pact involving all stakeholders of heckler& koch."He did not want to give an interim status of the negotiations. In oberndorf, around 800 people work for the traditional company.

The situation at heckler& koch has been tense for a long time. Although the volume of orders is high and the company can hope for lucrative large-scale contracts – such as for the new standard rifle of the german armed forces, for which the contract award procedure is still underway – the company is still in the process of being awarded the contract.

On the other hand, the company has recently been in the red and the mountain of debt is high. The company also has to dig deep into its pockets because of arms exports to mexico, according to a court ruling – sales proceeds of 3.7 million euros are to be confiscated. However, heckler& koch appeals against the decision of the stuttgart regional court.

A new boss, jens bodo koch, has been in charge at heckler& for just under a year koch. Since then, he has been trying to get the company back on track – and is now also relying on the workforce to do this. The company is bound by collective bargaining agreements, so far it has a 35-hour week.

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