Old buildings in the old town of hammelburg put to modern use

Old buildings in the old town of hammelburg put to modern use

The towns and villages should focus on their core, the town center. It should thrive again and bring new life. Ideas for old buildings are therefore wanted. Jurgen bornkessel found his way to the old town of hammelburg more than 20 years ago.

Since 1992, a barn with an adjoining building has been the headquarters of the architecture workshop. "We show what can be done even with a small budget", says bornkessel. For verena morsner of the district's interior development management, the building is a good example of the typical challenges of a property in the center of town. "We have a multi-sided yard with border buildings", explains morsner. One problem is the lighting of the building. Because with the windows facing the neighboring property, there is little room for maneuver when building on the border.

Glass facade brings light
Bornkessel has solved this limitation by glazing part of the facade on the opposite side. This section of the building is open, there is no ceiling between the ground floor and the upper floor. Only a spiral staircase and a steel bridge connect the former barn with the adjacent building. Thus two offices on the upper floor get unobstructed light.

The natural stone masonry is mainly preserved. Bornkessel advised to intervene as little as possible in the fabric of the building. He also explains why: "as long as little is changed in the existing structure, which affects the statics, the costs remain manageable." Reconstruction and damming of the complex from the 18. According to the architect, the new building for the nineteenth century cost 270.000 DM.

Cellar reaches all the way to the neighbor
The longer building once housed a tannery, as bornkessel female. Traces of the old craftsman's workshop are no longer to be found today. For that there is a cloud cellar. He reaches under the neighboring ground. Also such a peculiarity, which one finds occasionally with buildings in the old place.
The architectural workshop has renovated several houses in the old town. Bornkessel explains one principle of the work: "we try to encourage builders to do a comprehensive survey." An inventory includes fire protection and statics, but also possible contamination of the building materials: "it doesn't just have to be asbestos, but glue in the floor or heavy metals in the paint."

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