Signs of partnership with rufina

Signs of partnership with rufina

Dettelbach now has another town hall, but only as an old painting. The german-italian society now handed over the painting of the italian artist alessandro parrini to mayor reinhold kuhn.

In june 2011, a delegation from dettelbach’s italian twin town of rufina visited france. Among them was also a group of painters, who during their stay captured the motifs of dettelbach on canvas. These pictures, which in the short time mostly did not get beyond the status of sketches or drafts, were completed by the artists in the following months in their home country.

In rufina, the italian public and also a group of visitors from the german-italian society from dettelbach were able to admire the works in their final version on the occasion of an exhibition over whitsun 2012. During a ceremony, rufina’s mayor mauro pinzani presented the painting by alessandro parrini – who is vice-president of the rufina art association and an academic painter – to rosaria sabetta-fub, the dettelbach president of the german-italian society. The motif is one of the most frequently painted and photographed views of dettelbach, namely the historic town hall with the creek in front of it.

Rosaria sabetta-fub and albert fub handed over this painting to mayor reinhold kuhn as a loan. "The sign that artists from the twin town of rufina in tuscany want to set for the further development of relations between the two towns leaves little to be desired in terms of visibility and colorfulness," albert fub noted. For the picture there is no fixed place yet. But, according to kuhn, it will probably find a place in the administration building, since there is already another painting by parrini showing an italian landscape there.

Kuhn said he was pleased that young people are also involved in the partnership, alluding to the study trip to rufina and florence in july this year by students from the egbert-gymnasium munsterschwarzach under the leadership of sabetta-fub. Thanks to the support of the city of rufina, this trip was a "wonderful and unforgettable" experience, says albert fub, who is convinced that it was possible to visit libraries and collections that are otherwise inaccessible to tourists.

The mayor thanked the german-italian society both for the delivery of the picture and for the numerous impulses for the partnership. According to kuhn, he would like to see a burghers’ trip to rufina next year. But before that, on 8. December, the visit of a delegation from rufina is planned in dettelbach.

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