The hallerndorf town council has approved a total of 40 building applications

The hallerndorf town council has approved a total of 40 building applications

Since november, sabrina dormann, a trained businesswoman, has been working on a temporary basis in the mayor’s office at hallerndorf town hall, taking care of events and the regnitz-aisch alliance. The 34-year-old comes from baiersdorf, is married and has two children.

Marcus werber, together with his daughters laura and helena, provided the musical framework for the contemplative review of the year by the municipal council. Pastor matthias steffel provided the spiritual impetus, and mayor torsten gunselmann (G) looked back on the year that had not yet fully passed. The municipal council approved a total of 40 building applications this year, so the development of new building areas is unavoidable, gunselmann noted: "but only as many as are actually in demand."

Renovation of the school

The general renovation of the elementary and middle school and the new kindergarten in pautzfeld are just two of hallerndorf’s ambitious projects for which the time is now right, gunselmann stressed. The community was honored with a state award for the renovation of the community center in pautzfeld, which was presented to the community representatives by state minister michaela kaniber (CSU). The jury had decided in favor of the community center thanks to the great commitment of the village community, the mayor reported, stating: "hallerndorf is doing well." It was exactly the right time to tackle things.

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