Wind turbines affect the forest

Wind turbines affect the forest

In the 49. At the meeting, the municipal councils were in demand above all as experts for burials and as forestry experts. The "statutes governing the use of the cemetery and burial facilities" include the following 38 paragraphs on 13 pages, and what is so romantically called a "forest session" the report, which is described as a "2017 operating statement," turns out to be a "2017 operating statement, "review of the forestry plan" "forest management appraisals." , fixing timber prices" and "operational plan for 2018": clearly presented on -about- two dozen slides.

Highest attention is required. However, forestry director hubert turich from the bad neustadt forestry office and the new head of the community forest, matthias lunz, are able to explain the complex material clearly. And if there are any questions about the 500 hectares of forest in the municipality, council member reinhard landgraf from rottershausen, the former forest manager of the municipality’s forest, sits on the committee and explains everything about vegetation surveys, nature conservation parameters, rejuvenation and old thinning.

In addition to cherry, tree hazel, norway maple and service tree, 25 cedars and 200 douglas firs are also planted for intermixing in the course of climate warming. Last but not least, the construction of three wind turbines, which will have a considerable impact on the forest, is a reason to revise the 20-year forest management plan now, after only ten years, suggests forestry director turich, and the committee follows the proposal. In the program for 2018 are, among other things, 2710 fixed meters of total felling and the road repair to the wind turbines.

There is discussion about the price of wood. The board ultimately sets the price at 55 euros per stere for hardwood and 35 euros for softwood. For hardwood waste 12 euros and for softwood 8 euros are to be paid. The system of logging by burgers will be changed in that there will no longer be an auction, but fixed plots can be purchased, which will then be set up and paid for depending on the yield. The board follows the forestry office’s proposal with 14 votes to 5.

Next year, there will be another forest inspection. The school forest garden is also to be refreshed in 2018. The committee expresses its appreciation to the responsible forestry staff of the municipality and unanimously approves the results presented by the forester and the plans for 2018. Forestry director hubert turich says goodbye with the statement: "the community forest in oerlenbach is exemplary."

The extensive cemetery bylaws take into account the changed burial culture. In order not to widen the gaps in the cemetery, no new gravesites are to be built, but abandoned graves are to be reoccupied. The resting period for burial in the ground is 25 years, as before, but an extension of only 10 years is planned. For urn burial, the resting period is ten years, and ten years extension is possible.

There were no objections to an application for the construction of a new residential building in ebenhausen on the riedelgrube. All requirements of the development plan are met. In rottershausen, a residential building with garage is erected on heckenweg. Three exemptions from the development plan are approved for this project. In the rainstrabe, also in rottershausen, a two-story "urban villa" is being built approved with hipped roof. A special feature is the location in the second row, which the committee is pleased to note.

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