2500 Adidas employees run for the sea

2500 adidas employees run for the sea

It’s about combating the pollution of the world’s oceans by plastic mull. A problem that is currently causing global concern and that calls for solutions. That’s why adidas is teaming up with parley for the oceans to launch the second "run for the oceans.

Since 2015, according to a press release, the partners have been working together to raise people’s awareness of the issue. At the same time, the manufacture of products made from parley ocean plastic is intended to demonstrate sustainable solutions.

Until 8. July, runners can participate, even privately, and get involved with adidas.Com/parley register. A link leads to the download of a free app and adds the user to the run for the oceans group. Friday was the start of the action in which around 2500 adidas employees took part in herzogenaurach.

Parley for the oceans is an organization of creative thinkers and leaders committed to raising awareness about the state of our oceans and working together to launch projects to protect and preserve the world’s oceans.

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