Advent calendar (23): guarding the barracks at christmas

Advent calendar (23): guarding the barracks at christmas

Alexander G. As the master sergeant of logistics battalion 467, he normally takes care of the organization of transports for the german armed forces. On christmas eve, the 32-year-old, who does not want to disclose his last name and who has been serving with the troops since 2008, has a special task ahead of him. As a so-called officer on guard duty (ovwa for short), he will be responsible for the security of the mainfranken barracks in volkach together with a comrade and employees of a civilian security company.

Despite his holiday duty, which starts at 7 a.M. And lasts until 7 a.M. The next day, alexander G. Like the federal armed forces. He wanted a profession in which he could serve society, says the man from wurzburg. He also likes the way the more than 1100 soldiers and employees are treated on the barracks grounds.

For G. Is it natural to work over christmas?. He therefore explains: "since i am still unattached, i would like the comrades with their own families to be able to celebrate christmas together with their loved ones." However, G. To the special meal that the bundeswehr canteen will prepare on christmas eve to celebrate the day. "Last year we had duck for christmas; that wasn’t bad", he says with a laugh.

Turchen on: in our advent calendar, we introduce people who work or are on standby duty on christmas days.

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