Courage for new structures is required

Courage for new structures is required

A multitude of questions on the topic of digitalization left behind the cooperative lecture of the wirtschaftsjunioren bad kissingen and heiligenfeld gmbh with dominic lindner. For this reason, interested entrepreneurs and managers from the region were invited to the regional vinothek kissvino in bad kissingen for an open exchange "learning from each other" invited. The 23 guests were first asked about the most important topics for the participants as well as their own status or starting point in the digital transformation process for the respective companies from the most diverse areas in order to find common ground.

Both the areas of staff awareness and acceptance, the technical possibilities, the right customer approach as well as security and conditions in the company for change management were close to the hearts of the discussion group. The situation was described as an experiment for every company, which can never succeed one hundred percent perfectly, since digitization means a balancing act between personal presence and the use of digital formats for the respective business model and the customer approach. A large portion of courage for new structures is required, and lateral thinking is permitted in any case.

Interesting insights into the personal dealings of the entrepreneurs in their own companies showed that digitization was seen more as an opportunity than an obstacle, even if the efficiency of (DMS) document management systems and (ERP) enterprise resource planning systems is not always immediately apparent, and the mind is not always able to keep up with all the possible dangers and constant innovations. How much digitization people’s health can tolerate and how to deal with the consequences therapeutically was also the subject of the business dialog. The quintessence of the discussion, however, pointed to the fact that the approach and access to digitization in the company must in any case be steered and pursued by the management. For the implementation, however, technically experienced specialists are of note, who are to realize the concrete ideas as best as possible. Sensitivity is required in the details, but hysteria is in no way appropriate.

At the end of this round of talks, it became clear that there is still a need for courageous pioneers to exchange ideas with newcomers and creative thinkers. Even if further events in the area of digitization are desirable, personal contact and exchange with best-practice companies in the region are also important in the digital "world of possibilities" fixed component

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