Dieter murmann celebrated “80.”

The honorary chairman of the flobverein unterrodach 1864, dieter murmann, was honored on the occasion of his 80th birthday. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, he received numerous congratulations from all walks of life. The extremely popular jubilarian has led the local fishing club – which has 210 members – for 26 years with great success. He also served in various capacities in the village community. In the meantime, murmann has been a singer for 65 years and has been responsible for the finances of the mannergesangverein for 55 years.

Congratulators hardly to count

This broad-based commitment was honored in a special way in 2006 with the bavarian minister-president's badge of honor. Dieter murmann was also a member of the board of directors of the soldier's association and of the hunting club. He also feels connected for decades with the music club zeyern, the fruit and gardening association unterrodach, with the guards, the frankenwaldverein and the farmers. The idealist also served for many years on the church board of the evangelische kirchengemeinde unterrodach in the public service. A special concern of dieter murmann was the local flea museum, which he helped to establish. The number of congratulators was almost unimaginable. On the occasion of the day of honor there was hard work for the jubilarian. Mayor norbert grabner praised the exemplary voluntary work of dieter murmann. The congratulations of the flobverein unterrodach, together with other active 2. Chairman christian heller, who emphasized the exemplary commitment to the flober community.
The former district local keeper gerd fleischmann thanked the jubilarian for his remarkable work around the flora on local and district level. 

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