Extension of the probst home in hammelburg

Extension of the probst home in hammelburg

The new annex to the dr will have four functions at once. Maria probst senior citizens’ home to be completed. Since a few weeks the construction work is already underway. Now a groundbreaking ceremony marked the official start of construction.

Actually, the annex clears up the situation that arose in 2007 with the demolition of the neighboring old hospital, said marco schafer. Because the old people’s home was connected to the hospital in terms of supply, as the chairman of the carl von heb’sche social foundation explained.

So the old people’s home residents were supplied with food from the hospital. To compensate for the loss, a cake container was set up in 2007 – initially for five years. After expiration of this deadline, the use was extended for another five years. "But for a long time the container was no longer usable", said schafer. The container, a flat, lightweight construction, had caused problems especially in winter.

This is how the idea for the extension came about, which gained additional scope during the course of the deliberations: the extension will have a basement and three additional floors in addition to the kitchen wing on the first floor.

A combined heat and power plant will be installed in the basement to supply the annex and, in the long term, to establish a separate energy supply for the old people’s home. Because so far there is no such thing. The facility is connected to the municipal utility’s hot water network.

Additional residents’ rooms are being set up on two upper floors. 14 new wheelchair-accessible single rooms are being built. They partly compensate for the reduction in nursing places due to the elimination of some double rooms, as schafer explained. This is a consequence of new legal requirements that stipulate a higher quota of single rooms.

An approximately 200-square-meter rough event space is being built on the third floor. Up to now, there has been no room in which all the residents from the main and adjacent wings can celebrate together. "We therefore always have three christmas parties in the house", said schafer. The event space is also intended for further education and training courses.

According to district administrator thomas bold (CSU), the investment is worth around six million euros. "The county, as the foundation’s sponsor, strives to be "up to date", he said. That was fulfilled with the addition.

The new building is built massively. Bindrum company won the tender for the project. The extension will be architecturally in line with the main building. Depending on the weather, the building shell should be completed in february or march of next year, according to stefan richter. The architect from bad bruckenau expects completion in early 2020.

Until then, the kitchen is outsourced to the euerdorf senior citizens’ home, which is run by the carl von heb’sche social foundation. In the central kitchen, not only the food for the probst home and the euerdorf home is cooked. It also supplies the city’s burgerspital in hammelburg.

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