Farnsberg conquered 29 times

Farnsberg conquered 29 times

A mountain in the rhon, two ambitious mountain bikers and a whopping 8848 meters of altitude in a single day. Jens schuhmann (29) from wildflecken and philipp burkner from wulfershausen in rhon-grabfeld have shown a quite remarkable sporting performance on the farnsberg near riedenberg. Their unusual campaign is intended to help overcome the extremely rare disease SSADH deficiency (succinate-semi-aldehyde-dehydrogenase deficiency).

This is a serious, congenital stofechselstorung, which probably 450 people have worldwide. The disease itself does not have a completely uniform clinical picture. In all affected children, the disease leads to significant developmental delays from infancy onwards. Because the disease is so rare, however, there is a lack of medical research.

29 times the whole farnsberg up and again down with the mountainbike was now the motto for schuhmann and burkner on saturday. With pleasant, late summer temperatures at a low level. The feared rain showers had failed to materialize. Nevertheless, a sporting challenge that only trained cyclists should take on. "The whole thing originated from a crazy idea by philipp. I agreed immediately. But afterwards i thought that i had really put my foot in my mouth", jens schuhmann looks back with a smile.

The 8848 meters of altitude are a symbolic reference to mount everest in the himalayas. The highest mountain on earth. All proceeds from the accompanying fundraising campaign go to the SSADH-defizit association. The association wanted to gather knowledge and information about the rare disease and accelerate progress in research, therapy and treatment.

Cyclist jens schuhmann from wildflecken has a very personal connection to the disease. His sister nina (26) has been suffering from SSADH-deficiency since birth. The mountain bike everesting, in which for example the experienced wildflecken cyclist martin voigt, some other mountain bikers and ambitious cyclists from the region spontaneously took part, was intended to draw people’s attention to this disease. The rhon cyclists had to pedal hard, because a single ascent of the 786 meter high farnsberg from riedenberg is equivalent to about 313 meters of altitude. In fact, the curious high ride gradually brought the rhoners to the limits of their pain, despite minor breaks at the summit. But because all the effort is supposed to do some good, the participants were not lacking in motivation.

Humorous messages

Particularly noteworthy: even before the start of the action, friends had painted motivational and humorous messages, sayings and drawings on the pavement with chalk. The two cyclists, who had to keep going from early in the morning at five o’clock until the evening hours, were particularly happy about it. Compliments for the sweat-inducing, but also crowd-pleasing action were in abundance from locals and guests in rhon. The high altitude ride itself went off without any major complications.

"We got through it. It was a very long day. I burned 7600 calories. The equivalent of 29 coarse burgers", was the humorous conclusion drawn by jens schuhmann, who was also pleased that people kept talking to interested people in the parking lot in front of the wurzburg building. Just a few days after the campaign, almost 500 euros in donations had been received.

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