Grune attacks pirates

Grune attacks pirates

"All for nothing" is too little as a program, said grunen leader cem ozdemir on monday after a meeting of the federal executive committee in dusseldorf. Who will be elected on 13. May vote for the pirates, could end up with a rough coalition. NRW education minister sylvia lohrmann accused the pirates of "not wanting to take responsibility at all.

Pirate top candidate joachim paul meanwhile signaled willingness to support the future state government. "When our faction makes sure that a good proposal gets through, then that is something like co-governing, even if we are not nominally involved with ministers", he told "zeit online". The pirates are basically ready to govern, said paul. But there would be no coalition statement before the state election. According to polls, the pirates have a good chance of getting into the state parliament.

The NRW CDU does not want to chum up to its new competitor. That would be pointless, even "complete nonsense," said general secretary oliver wittke in dusseldorf. The pirate party has two types of supporters. The smaller group of "internet youngsters" and the larger group of protest voters. In both cases, it is difficult for the christian democrats to reach these supporters.

Consideration of a traffic light coalition of SPD, greens and FDP meets with rejection from red-green. For SPD secretary general andrea nahles, a traffic light is currently not a realistic option. She considered advances by the FDP to be "attempts at clinging" due to panic. "It's not just about power constellations, but also about intersections in terms of content," she said on monday in berlin. Grunen leader claudia roth emphasized: "we're not talking about that at all."

The traffic light debate was prompted by statements by FDP leadership candidate christian lindner and state leader daniel bahr. Lindner had referred in the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" to agreements with the SPD and a social liberal tradition in NRW. Bahr had told "welt am sonntag" that "any government in which the FDP pushes through liberal content is a good government."

Lindner himself emphasized on monday that he had not wanted to send out any traffic light signals. His interview does not support such an interpretation. "From this, some want to read traffic light signals – but they are not in there," he loved to know on his facebook page.

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