Huml praises honorary commitment

Huml praises honorary commitment

Bavaria’s health and care minister melanie huml (CSU) presented the honorary badge of the bavarian minister-president for services rendered by women and men engaged in voluntary work to ursula muller from bavaria. Huml emphasized: "the honorary award honors ursula muller’s many years of voluntary work. People like ursula muller are role models for others, because they shape our lives together, help shape our home or support others in developing their home."

With drive and passion

Ursula muller (born 1921) was honored for her decades of leadership of the senior citizens’ group at FC eintracht bamberg. In her laudatory speech, the minister emphasized: "despite their advanced age, they have organized the activities of the seniors’ association with a great deal of verve and passion and have always ensured good entertainment with their cheerfulness. During the 23-year period of office, the number of group members multiplied and many friendships were forged."

Huml added: "volunteer work is indispensable for a vibrant community. Across bavaria, almost four million people are active in their free time on a voluntary and unpaid basis for other people. You are characterized by special fursorge and humanity. They are helping to make the world a little bit better. For this, these people deserve great praise, thanks and recognition.".

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