Music and singing with an international touch in ebern

Music and singing with an international touch in ebern

"Where there is singing, there let yourself be at ease." A large number of burghers accepted the invitation of the evangelical church community of ebern to spend an entertaining afternoon on the grassy area behind the house of worship. The special: there were 13 guests from the village apàca near kronstadt in siebenburgen (romania) present and four visitors from the budapester deàk-platz-gemeinde (hungary) had come.

Pastor bernd grosser was pleased and said: "we always have a small meeting in the parish at the beginning of the year, which this year was held under the motto ‘kein schoner land’." As groups spontaneously agreed to participate, it was possible to invite them to this event. Grosser was particularly pleased that guests from budapest with parish priest ferenc cselovszky and from siebenburgen in romania with pastor ilona sìmon had arrived. 1600 kilometers was the journey from siebenburgen.

Under mediation of the budapest partner community a trip of members of the evangelic church community ebern to apàca had taken place in 2018. "The local hungarian-speaking lutheran congregation also maintains a partnership with the budapest congregation", bernd grosser explained. "We are europe here", he said in view of the european elections on the same day. "So we are an international group today, and that’s great," said, said the clergyman.

Grosser gave a brief outline of the program for the visit on 25 june. Until 29. May in ebern. So on sunday, a joint service was held in the christuskirche in ebern. On monday there will be a reception with mayor jurgen hennemann and a visit to the master school for the carpentry trade. According to grosser, this was interesting for the guests from apàca, since a small carpentry shop is operated there for an unemployed project. In the afternoon, a tour of the city of bamberg is planned, including a stop at a beer garden. A farm and the city of coburg with its lutherstatten are also visited.

The musical program at the meeting day was provided by the trombone choir, the church choir "cantabile", and the church choir and the "crazy ladies" group." The repertoire of the performers included classic german folk songs, some of which were sung along by the visitors. A barbecue evening rounded off the event. The people of ebern had the opportunity to talk to the guests from romania and hungary.

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