No grass strip around thuringer blick

No grass strip around thuringer blick

The fact that in the beiersdorfer birkenweg lately again and again a rough semitrailer with hanger parks, argues residents and farmers, who must use the road, in order to arrive at their fields. Now the development plan for the area on both sides of birkenweg and on the weinberg is to be changed, and cord-friedrich seegers, chairman of the birkenverein beiersdorf, took the opportunity of the public hearing to call for a restricted stopping ban on part of birkenweg – from house number 25 to the so-called thuringer blick.
The building senate rejected this because traffic regulations could not be stipulated in a development plan. The suggestion has already been passed on to the responsible public order office, which has, however, also refused to erect the signs.

Unacceptable for builders

The senate also refused the second request of the burgerverein to create a three meter wide grass strip around thuringer blick. Seegers wanted this point to be included in the amendment of the development plan so that the hedge around the lookout point can still be trimmed without any problems even if the neighboring property is built on.
However, the members of the building senate did not follow this request. Such a strip of land would then have to be taken away from the neighbor's property, which would be unreasonable for a potential builder. The maintenance of the hedge, on the other hand, is possible without further ado, even if the property next door has been sold.
Seeger's third suggestion was agreed to by the senate: there is currently a gap between the meadow orchards on flurstuck 274 and kosfelder hohe. A row of more fruit trees may be planted here.
The development plan for the area on both sides of the buchenweg and the weinberg became legally effective in 1976. Because there are some outdated specifications, such as the prohibition of dormers and knee floors, the plan is now being changed. This will also create the opportunity to close construction hazards in the area.

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