Oberthulba is defeated in the sparkasse cup by the ball magic of bruckenau

Oberthulba is defeated in the Sparkasse Cup by the ball magic of Bruckenau

Many players and fans will remember a competition that was held in the district of bad kissingen from the mid-1980s until the end of the 2003/04 season: the sparkasse cup. Teams from different leagues fought duels in the K.O.-mode. In addition to the challenge cup donated by the bad kissingen savings bank, the prize money in particular was considered lucrative (1. Place: 1500 euros, 2. Place: 1000 euros, 3. Place: 500 euros). TSV mabbach, which has won the cup five times in its 19-year history, was a perennial winner on the podium. FC bad bruckenau triumphed once, namely in the 2001/02 season.

Bath bruckenau district league

The former district league team, which was promoted to the then still existing upper district league a short time later, had a "good mixture of old and young", recalled coach jurgen sykora. One player, sebastian ziegler, still laces up the boots for the female reds today.

One of the guarantors of success was one of the last "colorful dogs the rhon football scene, keeper udo baum. The latter, who now lives in baden and is co-owner of a tunnel construction company there, was able to recall the final, which the sinnstadt team won against TSV oberthulba, in the interview. From memory, he immediately named a few players who had made life easy for him.

The defense line at that time with the veteran and team captain harald reim, the central defender markus schumm and the auben sebastian ziegler and nico schell was strong in two fights, but also offensively. Christian hanlein, frank klein, deni degelmann and marco fiedler played in midfield; jorg heinle and jacek wanke were up front.

Favored sykora-elf

At the final match in the bad kissinger sportpark, the sykora-elf was favored, the district league team from oberthulba was thrust into an underdog role, whereby the opponent with its furrowed offensive forces thomas zeiler, thorsten zahaczewski and peter haase was not to be underestimated. Therefore TSV-coach bruno heer was looking forward to the match not without hope. In fact, his proteges also recorded the first significant scoring chance, but the "hune" tree fishes oliver noelte’s rich free kick out of the angle. From then on the district league team took over the command. After a corner ball from "frankie small christian hanlein used his aerial supremacy in the opponent’s sixteen and nodded in the lead.

Not only in this action the TSV-covering betrayed weak. The injury-related absence of head defender marco mayer had a negative impact on this and the following goals against.

The 2-0 lead came after just half an hour, when klein and degelmann combined to reach the opposing sixteen and marco fiedler beat keeper alexander schieber, who was badly beaten for the rest of the game (tree), no defensive chance lieb.

Immediately after the impartial marco wiebner from schwarzelbach had asked the opponents to the halay line, the heer-schutzlinge lost the ball to jorg heinle, who sprinted along the tartan track, pulled inside at the height of the penalty area and executed ice-cold to make it 3:0.

Not only the people of bad bruckenau were happy about the comfortable ride, but also the "eternal" coach, the sadly deceased hermann kastner "who was responsible for everything in the club, including goalkeeping coach", remembered tree.

FC goalkeeper mated

Kastner rejoiced, but did not quite trust the roast yet. Justified, because the substitute thomas zeiler, who had taken a seat on the bench for the first time due to injury, checked the FC goalkeeper with his first contact with the ball. "The nutters were sleeping before me", the beaten man was sure; but the counter-goal immediately called his "boss" jurgen sykora on the scene.

This ordered the two-fight strong michael kammerer on the lawn, who then "affectionately" called himself a "footballer" the TSV goalkeeper was in pain. After that, the FC box was in danger only once more, but the falling tree pulled the leather from zeiler’s fub in time. Since peter haase and thorsten zahaczewski only the pradikat "hard-working the lead of the sykora-elf remained unthreatened.

The FC had been able to extend their lead several times in the second half, but schieber, who was now under constant fire, put in a great performance, conjuring up shots from jacek wanke and christian hanlein from the goal line and also defusing almost unstoppable headers from hansi schroth. He was finally powerless to stop the fourth goal, which wanke was responsible for.

Cup not defended

The 2002/03 winning team failed to defend the trophy. He went to the mabbacher in the next two years, 2002/03 after a 5-0 win against FC fuchsstadt, a year later after a 4-2 win against tsvgg hausen. It is no longer possible to find out exactly how the 1,500 euros were used. "I suspect that it was used exclusively for the purchase of mineral water", udo baum suspected, but jurgen sykora thought that was unlikely: "another type of drink was preferred."

Baum by the way still plays in the AH team in boxberg/baden-wurttemberg front and his tennis passion at RW osterburken. The sparkasse cup was discontinued after the 2003/04 season, much to the regret of the clubs in the district. From then on, the sponsor encouraged the district clubs to support young talent, which was of course also positive.

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