Opera director wants more language in the barenboim conflict

opera director wants more language in the barenboim conflict

After massive criticism of star conductor daniel barenboim, there are to be further speeches and meetings at the berlin staatsoper unter den linden. For that, intendant matthias schulz also relies on external support, as he told dpa.

The musician willi hilgers, who is now playing in munich, had made serious accusations against barenboim and had spoken of frequent harassment, among other things. Other musicians had also voiced criticism, in some cases harshly, either anonymously or by name. Barenboim rejected the accusations about his personal behavior in an interview with the dpa, but at the same time showed himself willing to talk about it.

Intendant schulz now said that, after the first disclosures, he and berlin's culture senator klaus lederer (left) had come to the conclusion that there should be a talk with the entire staff. "During this conversation, I once again made it very fundamentally clear how important an open, value-creating corporate culture is and how we can achieve this together."

He had named all contact persons for complaints or for the solution of conflicts. "I have emphasized that if there are currently serious problems, these can be expressed and must be clarified."In addition, the possibility of being able to turn to an independent, external agency will be created in the near future.

"There was also talk about the common understanding of value and trust and how this should be defined.

Concrete accusations against mr. Barenboim were not made," reported schulz. Starting next week, the external contact point will be named, "and we will also have active interviews conducted with employees. He also announced further talks, for example with the entire orchestra and staff representatives.

"I have experienced a great deal of solidarity for mr. Barenboim in the house over the last few days. Nevertheless, we will consistently follow up on all indications that should come up and then seek discussion with all those involved," said schulz. He wants to "ensure that we deal with each other in a respectful and appreciative manner". Concerts and the whole strength of the house rested on many shoulders. "Daniel barenboim is an extremely constructive partner in this process."

Previously, the orchestra board had backed barenboim. With its general music director, the staatskapelle regularly celebrates great artistic successes "through mutual trust and close cooperation," it said in a statement. "This trust remains untouched, especially now, in february 2019. The staatskapelle is therefore looking forward to further years of successful cooperation."

The staatskapelle berlin elected barenboim as general music director 28 years ago and appointed him chief conductor for life in 2000. Talks are currently underway about extending his contract as general music director, which ends in 2022.

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