Operation under difficult conditions

Operation under difficult conditions

A normal fire pushed the fire department to its limits early on sunday afternoon in herzogenaurach. A double garage was on fire and threatened to spread to the nearby apartment building. The 60 or so firefighters were able to largely prevent this from happening. However, one of them collapses due to heat exhaustion during the operation, and the others are also struggling with the high temperatures. This added to the difficulty of the firefighting operations, which had to be carried out quickly and effectively in order to prevent further spread of the fire, according to a report by the news portal news5.

Already on the approach a strong smoke development was to be seen and the leader of the operation had already alerted further forces thereupon. However permanently six troops under breath protection were necessary, in order to extinguish the flames. According to the report, the adjacent hedge fell victim to the fire, just as the high temperatures of the fire melted the roller blinds on the directly attached residential building. Flames also licked the roof truss of the house, but it did not catch fire.

Meanwhile, the firefighters also had to salvage gas cylinders from the burning double garage and then cool them down. A parked car burst into flames, while the owner was able to drive out and save another car beforehand.

The rework takes time

A total of two people suffered minor injuries during self-inflicted injuries. How the fire broke out is still unclear, the owners noticed from the garden suddenly a smoke development in the area of the garage. However, the follow-up work took some time, because it was not only necessary to check the garage and the adjacent residential building with the thermal imaging camera, but also the vegetation.

"Exactly for the reason an alarm level increase was also necessary, because the assigned forces come in the view fast to their borders ", explains sebastian weber, press spokesman for the erlangen-hochstadt district firefighters' association. "Not only within the direct source of the fire, but also in the supply chain. At these temperatures, you very quickly reach the end of the line, weber further analyzes.

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