Police report: accident while parking: the person who caused the accident escapes

On thursday between 18 and 18.05 a.M. A parked audi was damaged in the parking lot of a supermarket in marktbreiter hafenstrabe, presumably while it was being unparked. Damage of around 500 euros was caused. The culprit was believed to be a blue vehicle.

A severely injured man after a collision

A seriously injured road user and damages in the amount of about 7000 euros are the result of a traffic accident that occurred on friday around 22.30 o’clock between euerfeld and seligenstadt occurred. The driver of a ruben truck wanted to turn into a field path and fell back, because he had missed the entrance at first. He used the opposite lane and obviously overlooked an opel, which led to a collision of the two vehicles. The driver of the opel was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

No driver’s license, but alcohol and drugs

On friday, around 21.30 o’clock, was controlled in gnotzheim the 15-year-old driver of a moped. During the check, the officers found technical changes in the vehicle, which is why the driver had to be in possession of a driving license. Furthermore, the driver was under the influence of alcohol (0.1 per mille) and exhibited drug-typical symptoms. The 15-year-old was required to undergo a blood draw.

Car antenna broken off and stolen

Between 4 p.M. Last wednesday and 10 a.M. On thursday, the antenna of an opel parked in weinbergstrabe in schwarzach was broken off and stolen by an unknown perpetrator. The value of the antenna is about 30 euros.

Stun gun in the car: deceased according to weapons law

A so-called stun gun was found in the car on friday around 15.50 o’clock discovered in a toyota during a traffic control in kleinlangheim. Since the electric impulse device was without a proof mark, the device was seized and criminal proceedings were initiated against the toyota driver for violation of the weapons law.

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