Ruhani: iran does not want to compete with saudi arabia

Ruhani: iran does not want to compete with saudi arabia

Iranian president hassan ruhani has called for improved relations with saudi arabia. "We never wanted this regional competition, nor the current alienation," ruhani said, according to the ISNA news agency.

Iran is much more interested in a constructive cooperation with riyadh. Tehran is not to blame for the crisis between the two countries. "We can’t help it if some princes suffer defeats with their political decisions," he said in the direction of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman.

According to ruhani, salman has speculated politically with both the war in yemen and the syrian conflict. But the saudis should not make iran their scapegoat now.

Riyadh had severed diplomatic ties with iran after angry protesters stormed the saudi embassy in tehran last year and set fire to parts of the building. Ruhani had strongly condemned the attack and offered that iran would cover the cost of the damage to the embassy. The two islamic countries also have differences in the conflicts in syria and yemen.

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