Showmen still see room for improvement for plarrer

Showmen still see room for improvement for plarrer

For example, raimund meister, chairman of the exhibitors in bamberg, said: "i am satisfied at the moment, but there is still room for improvement." Nevertheless, in view of the mixed weather, a surprisingly large number of people were out and about. Even during easter, when it was colder than christmas, there were many people on the plarrer. Georg fischer, second chairman of the bamberger marktkaufleute, also drew a preliminary positive conclusion. "Although the weather was not quite so optimal, we still had many visitors. Especially over easter, many people came to us."

Somewhat more restrained sees it exhibitor edith fuchs. It is simply too cold. Especially in the evening hours. Therefore, in their opinion, it could definitely go better. All three agree, however, that the rescheduling has not done any harm. Raimund meister emphasized that the weather could also be bad four weeks later. In addition, georg fischer added, many families and young people had taken advantage of the easter vacations to go on a shopping spree.

"However, we did not want to relocate the trade fair under any circumstances. It will take place as always at the beginning of may", the chairman of the exhibition explained. After all, it was already difficult to get enough exhibitors to breitenau for the spring plarrer, because other folk festivals like the one in nurnberg were taking place at the same time. Meister: "we wanted to avoid this at the fair. The traders have their fixed appointments. Besides, there is no need for a postponement here either."

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