The spd district chairman wolfgang bruhl wants to resign from office

The circle delegates meeting of the SPD circle federation habberge with new elections of the executive committee takes place on saturday, 18. May, starting at 10 a.M. In the hall of the hartleb restaurant in maroldsweisach. In the process there was allowed to be a new chairman.

For 14 years now, wolfgang bruhl has been the top social democrat in the habberge district as district chairman. When he gives his report on the past four years at the district delegates’ meeting on saturday, it will be one of the last acts of the eltmanner. He gives up his office and does not stand for re-election, announced the SPD.

"They were very nice, but sometimes also exhausting years", he looks back on his time at the helm of the district SPD. "We have moved a lot and are very well positioned, especially at the municipal level." Now, however, it is time to give new forces the opportunity to preserve themselves and also to set new impulses for once. In the past weeks, the still incumbent board of directors has set the course in many languages. "We can present the assembly with what we think is a good team", bruhl explains.

Before the delegates from the local associations vote on the proposal of the executive committee and pave the way for the new responsible persons of the district SPD, there are beside the accountability reports of treasurer and working groups also two greetings of the deputy bavarian SPD chairman marietta eder and the member of the bundestag from the electoral district, sabine dittmar

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