There will be no “bright december”

The intention is clear. If someone tests positive for the virus, we look for as many people as possible with whom the infected person has had contact, test them and send them all to quarantine. The aim is to break the chain of infection, the politicians tell us. In practice, it can now be observed that exactly this does not work. The overburdened health authorities cannot, with the best will in the world, manage this process at the speed necessary to achieve the objective. Those who have had contact with people who have tested positive are often only informed days later, sent to quarantine and tested in turn. This produces a rapidly increasing number of infected people who are recognized too late and in turn infect other people before they can be removed from the chain of infection. The reaction of the RKI not to test even those with mild symptoms is difficult to understand as something that stops this process. Just as little does the lockdown in its current form appear to be a suitable means of action. If it can be proven that no one has been infected in a gym in the past few months, how can their exclusion now affect the number of infections?? The same applies to restaurants, theaters, cinemas, tattoo and cosmetics studios. If it is already difficult to understand the decisions that have been made, it is even more difficult to understand the different regulations in the individual federal states. This must lead to annoyance in border regions. And it leads to movements that should actually be avoided. If you can’t go to a cosmetics studio in coburg, you have to go to sonneberg, eisfeld or hildburghausen. You don’t have to be an epidemiologist to expect that by the end of november everything will have been achieved – except a drop in the number of infections. You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict what the politicians will prescribe as a solution: more masks, more lockdown, more chaos.

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