This is the sound of a royal love story

This is the sound of a royal love story

The speaker, angelika tasler, succeeded in offering the large audience both historical education and interesting entertainment with words, sound and pictures. An important role was also played by prince albert's own compositions, performed by sofia kallio and rainer scheerer, accompanied by angelika tasler.
"Dearest, most dearly beloved victoria" – this is how many of the prince's letters to his cousin, whom he married in 1840, begin. It remained a royal love story until after his untimely death. From many quotations from letters and other sources, angelika tasler developed a lively portrait of the two main characters, with frequent reference to albert's brother ernst II. And uncle leopold of belgium were included.
Like his brother ernst, who was even successful as an opera composer, albert was also musically gifted and active as a composer. However, he cultivated more the small form, especially the piano song. The fact that he was quite capable of setting texts to music with feeling was revealed by the song contributions, which came mainly from his youth. Rainer scheerer first interpreted "grub an den bruder" with an expressive, cultivated baritone, for which albert also wrote the text.

Schumann and mendelssohn
Sensitive melody and simple accompaniment – chordal or broken – showed a skilful use of romantic stylistic devices and were obviously trained on the models of schumann and mendelssohn. Equally convincing was scheerer's "die vereidigung" ("the oath"), which changed from minor to major and back again according to a text by ernst II. And the funny, very textually composed "an einen boten".

Pain of love

Sofia kallio was heard with sonorous, silvery soprano with very expressive songs. In "the pain of love the rough pitch and the moving accompaniment were successful requirements. The singer sensitively performed the simple lullaby "pretty baby" and passionately moved the stormy "lament of love".
Albert's extensive duet "liebe hat uns nun vereint" ("love has now united us") was almost an excursion into the world of opera according to a text by ernst II. Dar, in which the two soloists united in harmony.
All vocal contributions were accompanied by angelika tasler in a confident and adaptable manner. There was long applause for this entertaining and instructive evening.

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