Trial: lichtenfelser feuerteufel acted as if in a drunken stupor

trial: lichtenfelser feuerteufel acted as if in a drunken stupor

For two months – between may and july 2016 – there were repeated arsons in lichtenfels – some of which caused gross property damage. At the end of july, the police were able to apprehend a suspect, who was taken into custody for investigation. Now he has been tried at the coburg regional court.

Acted with intent

He was sentenced to a total of three years and six months in prison for twelve counts of premeditated intoxication. In addition, the 40-year-old was ordered to be placed in a detention center.

Six bottles of beer a day, plus antiepileptics and antidepressants, put the man into a kind of drunken stupor. And in this state he regularly became an arsonist. It all started when he set fire to two garden huts in unterwallenstadt in mid-may. One of them was completely destroyed, the other one had its veranda damaged. Here alone, the property damage totaled more than 40,000 euros. In early june, he tried to set fire to a boathouse, igniting pieces of paper, scraps of cloth and dry grass under a ramp. However, only the ramp was set on fire. Also a second attempt two weeks later failed. Cars and trucks also became his target. Once only the tarpaulin of a truck was damaged, another time an attentive witness prevented something worse from happening to a second truck. In the middle of july he tried to set fire to two cars, once with success: the fire damage was 5000 euro.

The fire in an empty house at the beginning of july (damage around 40,000 euros) and the partial fire in a barn a week later (800 euros) were also on his account, as was the arson of a farmhouse, where only minor damage was caused.

His last act at the end of july was probably the most dangerous one. Since his landlord had threatened him with eviction, he discovered the cellar in the house in which he had his apartment. It was only by chance that a gas pipe lying above the source of the fire did not catch fire.

If the defendant had acted in full consciousness – i.E. Without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs – the prison sentence would have been much longer. The total damage is around 100,000 euros
the trigger for the heavy alcohol consumption was a life crisis, the defendant said according to a radio eins report.

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