Zkg wants public loading columns

The wahlergemeinschaft zukunft kronach (ZKC) (electoral group for the future of kronach) is calling for the creation of charging stations for electric vehicles, the group says.

"In order to contribute to increasing the share of electromobility and reducing greenhouse gases, we are requesting to create a public charging infrastructure in kronach", as the press release literally states. Buying e-cars is becoming more and more interesting. New models with a good range are a good alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines and are currently conquering the market.

Sufficient charging infrastructure is also a decisive factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Many interested parties did not have the opportunity to install a private charging pole and thus relied on public charging stations, the motion argues. "It should also be possible for overnight guests and visitors to the city and the rosenberg fortress to use public charging stations", demands ZKG.

As possible locations the wahlergemeinschaft suggests: new parking lot fortress rosenberg, city hall parking lot, kaulanger, parking deck rodacher strabe, swimming pool crana mare and in the vicinity of the flugel train station.

Whether a loading dock at the train station is possible should be coordinated with the local cab companies.

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