Are stonewiesener signs fearful or aiming?

Are stonewiesener signs fearful or aiming?

For years, the topic of "uniform signage concept within the town" has been on the agenda in steinweisen in the room. Various designs have already been discussed.

In the youngest municipal council meeting, yannic wildner presented a concept as a basis for discussion, which is based on corporate design and thus has a high recognition value.
The aim is to improve the navigation within the town for guests and people who know the area, also to the local businesses. Wildner used photomontages to illustrate the possible locations.

During the discussion, richard rauh (SPD) totally criticized the concept. He said "that the boards look terrible" and too rough are. In addition, far too many locations are under discussion. Jurgen eckert (CSU) countered that this was only a rough draft, the height of about 2.30 meters was "completely in order".

Coordination with burghers

Mayor gerhard wunder (CSU) said that these are only proposals and that the locations must be agreed with the residents anyway.

The head of the company, rainer deuerling, then provided information on the key budget data. The administrative budget is set at 5.749 million euros, the property budget at 3.073 million euros. The addition to the property budget is achieved.

The current major projects for 2018 are the school in steinwiesen, the renovation of the old town hall in silberbergstrabe, the screw pumping station in the klaranlage steinwiesen, and the final bill for the lighting concept for the local thoroughfare. In addition, special repayments are made due to the stabilization aids.

Mayor gerhard wunder (CSU) said that there could still be some investments that have not been taken into account so far. He mentioned the water pipe in berglesdorf, the extension of the access road to the "feststoudl" in neufang and the increase of the budget for the extension of the building yard to 30000 euro.

No money for roads?

Second mayor bruno beierlorzer (CSU) complained that no money had been set aside for road improvements on the gries or in the leitschsiedlung, even though these were on the priority list. Gerhard wunder (CSU) countered that gas might still be laid there. For richard rauh (SPD) it was not justifiable that something was done in berglesdorf and not elsewhere. Wunder replied that this was a legal requirement that had to be fulfilled.
In 2017, the market in steinwiesen received donations of 12,033.32 euros, most of which were project-related.

No speed limit at night

For projects of the landscape conservation association frankenwald, steinwiesen expects costs of 19627 euro this year. For the market, this means a flat administrative fee of 1714 euros. At the burgers' meeting, a nighttime speed limit was suggested for the local thoroughfare. The district office of kronach has meanwhile rejected this application.
For the bicycle path from the adventure pool on the old railroad line to the center of the village, the application for a grant is being prepared, the bridge over the leitsch will be reconstructed by the building authority at its own expense, for the bridge over the rodach, the load-bearing capacity must be tested, an office must be commissioned and then the solution must be approved by the government.

The company "leadmould takes effect on 1. April in the former dreefsgebaude their work on. That's why the bridge expansion of the nurnbrucke urgently needs to be pushed forward.

Mayor gerhard wunder briefly informed about the latest meeting of the school association of the upper rodachtal (we reported). His tendency goes towards a school contract to be able to remain independent as long as possible.

Facades are to be made more beautiful

A resolution is needed for the extension of the intermunicipal demand program to the newly designated study area. Subsequently, a statement must be made that there are many urban planning deficiencies in the area of the study area, especially with regard to the facades. The intermunicipal demand program is suitable for their elimination. The committee therefore decided to initiate preparatory investigations.

Administrative employee roland zwosta explained the operating accounts for wastewater, water, the adventure pool and the tourism and recreation facilities. In 2017, the water supply showed a deficit of 8329 euro.

In the area of wastewater fees, on the other hand, there is a plus of 1528 euros. So the work is largely cost-covering.

High deficits

In the area of the adventure pool and the "haus des gastes" (guest house) deficit remains high at around 335,000 euros. There is also a loss of 52,000 euros for the parks. Sponsors are also being sought for the maintenance of the grounds.

The building application of the company kotschenreuther stapler- und systemtechnik from neufang for the extension of exhibition rooms was approved.



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