Christ thorn and judas tree

Christ thorn and Judas tree

It is almost like a morning prayer to nature. A ritual. When there is still dew on the meadows, liselotte schlierf particularly enjoys roaming through her bible garden, enjoying a half hour of peace and quiet, plotting how she could make her green creed even more attractive. And then she bucks – quite automatically – and plucks: "the weeds don't even stop at paradise", she sighs.
There is always something to do on the ca. 360 square meters of rough area at the end of burghaslach. Now in spring it starts to sprout. "It is thought that some plants did not survive the hard winter. But then the ground comes to a head." For the 53-year-old, easter is also a time of departure for new life. "There is always something to come", she muses and thinks of dear people she has lost in recent years.

The blood of the apostle

There is something to tell about each of the 55 outdoor and ten cube plants. The judas tree, for example, is already covered with purple pimples before the first leaf appears. "They symbolize the drops of blood of the apostle who betrayed jesus", woman liselotte schlierf. Blood? Judas did not hang himself? No matter.
Other plants are specifically mentioned in the bible. "You don't harvest figs from thorn bushes", it's called lukas. And johannes quotes: "i am the vine, you are the vines." Bush and blackberry, mulberry and myrtle, juniper and wormwood, mustard and water lily – there are no limits to the variety. "Some things grow well on our french clay soil. Other things have to hibernate in the house," explains explains liselotte schlierf, who became a real gardener out of love. The nurnberg native, who is actually a trained flotist, married a landscape gardener; the schlierf tree nursery has existed in burghaslach since 1946. Liselotte initially devoted herself to raising her four daughters, but then immersed herself more and more intensively in the world of plants.

Raised in the christian faith

After a canadian vacation in 1997 the idea was born to transform a meadow next to the tree nursery into a park. About the book "the bible garden by F. Nigel hepper liselotte schlierf finally found interest in this particular topic and decided to use part of the country's land for it. "The christian faith has always been important to us. This is how we grew up and this is how we raised our children, says the 53-year-old, who recently also became a grandmother.
The bible garden of the schlierf family, to which a small "lake genezareth" has since been added is open to interested parties at any time. "Oh – was that a godly rest", it is written in the guest book. Guided tours are also offered. "I always learn something new", the gartner confesses. Sometimes an enthusiastic visitor even brings a gift. "Our lebanon cedar comes from bayreuth."

Gospel choir in the bible garden

A concert is held at least once a year. For example, this year in june a gospel choir will perform on the stage of the bible garden. Liselotte schlierf is now also on the road again more often as a flotist.
There is always something new in the bibelgarten. No sooner are the daffodils in bloom than the gardener is thinking of planting a bed of peonies again. Slowly the cube plants are also made suitable for the open air.
Only with one plant the 53-year-old has no luck. The diptam, as the burning thorn bush is known in technical jargon, simply does not like to thrive in burghaslach. "I have already tried it a few times. All the plants died, the gartner snorts. This year she will try it again, plant a diptam and send a little prayer to heaven.

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