City trips are in vogue: the most expensive cities in the world

Where to go?

Attractive metropolises exist all over the world. Which city you finally decide on depends on personal preferences, but the available travel budget also plays a role. Because most cities have one thing in common: the price level is usually quite high. For vacationers, admission prices, for example for cinemas, museums, exhibitions or amusement parks, play a major role. Equally important are the prices in restaurants, hotels and shops that invite shoppers on a stroll through town.

London is often considered the most expensive city for a city break. However, the city has a high price level, but this is compensated with an almost endless number of sights and wonderful attractions. Every tourist should have tried the popular guinness beer. Here you should calculate with about 5 euro per glass.

Oslo in norway is also at the top of the rankings. If you want to make yourself comfortable here with a drink, you have to dig deep into your pocket. The beer there costs about 9 euros. An evening in the bar can quickly make a big hole in your vacation budget.

It's not much different in zurich. What's left over after paying for the ski pass and equipment can be spent quickly at dinner. 50 euros for a 2-person meal is often the lowest limit here. But the meal can be enjoyed in front of a magnificent snow-covered mountain backdrop.

There is a cheaper way: a city trip with low travel costs

Other cities are less expensive, but no less attractive in terms of ambience and excursion options. In addition pays the polish warsaw, where the prices for hotel and gastronomy rank at the lower end. At about the same level is kuala lumpur in malaysia. The city, which most people would certainly not think of as their first travel destination, nevertheless promises an interesting stay with its temples, parks and impressive buildings.

Every city is worth a visit, whether expensive or inexpensive. If you are interested in exploring the city, you should rent a cheaper motel, which is only used for sleeping. Those who forego shopping can enjoy a visit to a selected restaurant instead. In addition, travel portals can be visited in advance to obtain valuable tips and recommendations. Here, vacationers share their knowledge of the world's cities and can pass on insider tips on how to save money. Saving money can also start with booking. If you take the time to compare and are flexible with the travel date, you can enjoy favorable tickets.

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