Germany: more treasured than paid

Germany: more treasured than paid

George orwell’s successful novel "1984 and the fear of an absolute surveillance state expressed therein had been internalized by some contemporaries to such an extent that the question of place of residence, street and house number seemed to them like a striptease in front of the minister of the interior.

As far as the statistical figures needed for sensible planning and development of the infrastructure were concerned, this attitude meant that a highly industrialized country like germany had to work more and more with estimates from year to year. How many burgers there were in the country, or how much living space, could just be guessed at. Because the politicians simply did not dare to ask the citizens for their address.

No wonder, then, that errors were bound to creep in by the time the next payment was made in 2011. Germany had reunited, europe had expanded eastward, an entire continent was on the move. The fact that you should register and deregister when you change your place of residence has not been internalized by everyone for a long time. Foreigners certainly not. There are suddenly 1.1 million fewer of them in the country. It is not a miracle. Which is also not surprising: overnight, berlin became 280,000 inhabitants smaller. The plotzlichen bloodletting will get the federal capital in the state financial equalization to trace.

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