Incumbent taut lets the champagne corks pop

incumbent taut lets the champagne corks pop

Almost all of the market town councillors were also present, as were the burghers who congratulated taut on his renewed election victory. With 66.40 percent of the vote, the incumbent secured a solid two-thirds majority over his challenger. The voter turnout was 71.86 percent.

"I wish you a good hand for the next six years and continued good cooperation", rosenzweig said to taut when he congratulated him. "I was always confident because I knew the mood of the population quite well anyway", said taut. Nevertheless, it is always an insecurity when the competitor is from the CSU, as they always have a large electoral potential.

"My stomach needs a whole week to calm down again", there is a certain amount of tension. "You also have to be able to deal with vulgarities, and you never know what deep blows and surprises may come", taut reflects on the election campaign, which he says was "fair in spite of everything." For twelve years, under his leadership, unanimous resolutions were almost always passed without a majority in the wiesenttal municipal council. Party politics play no role.

Loser is not exchanged
"Helmut was able to make use of his office bonus, and wiesenttal is a "free-choice stronghold", says konrad rosenzweig, who stressed that he had not been exchanged. Six years ago, the CSU had not put forward a candidate of its own, and he had just promised that it would now put one forward. "It was a surprise to me that I was chosen for the stitch at all, coming as I do from such a small town as stornhof", said rosenzweig.

"For the next six years we have to work together to make a lot of progress for the valley of the meadows." Rosenzweig also emphasized that party politics have never played a role in the market town council.

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