Krechenbach bridge closed for two weeks: detour across the meadow

Krechenbach bridge closed for two weeks: detour across the meadow

Eckarts is a small village in the sinn valley, the main part of the village is accessed via the krechenbach bridge. The historical bridge is the only way to get to the area of the village behind the church. Now the listed bridge is to be renovated. According to mayor matthias hauke, the bridge will be impassable for at least two weeks.

Detour possible on site

For such a long period of time, an alternative access road must be found so that the citizens can get to their homes and, in case of emergency, the rescue service and fire department can also get to the village. It was unrealistic to set up a detour via the state baths in bruckenau, hauke emphasized. The solution must be found on site.

On site, the mayor looked at a possibility together with representatives of the building committee. Directly at the entrance to the village, a detour could be set up on the right across the meadow and the creek. The stream had to be diverted through pipes for the time of the detour. The meadow had to be built up with gravel or, alternatively, plastic slabs so that traffic could enter and leave the village at least in one-way traffic with traffic lights.

Mayor matthias hauke estimates that the cost of the detour will be around 24,000 euros. The project must be coordinated with the water management office. In the autumn of this year the renovation of the bridge is to be carried out.

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