Open church night on the eve of reformation day

open church night on the eve of reformation day

With an "open church night" celebrates the evangelical-lutheran church congregation grafenberg on the eve of 31. October the 500. Reformation anniversary.
Under the motto "have courage. Trust traces. Finding freedom" between 8 p.M. And midnight, meditative stations in the dreieinigkeitskirche and the evangelical parish hall invite people to set out in search of freedom. With candlelight and lights, with singing and silence, with words and music, with creativity and relaxation, with images and sounds, with blessing and anointing, visitors can find new strength for everyday life.
"Martin luther rediscovered that god gives people freedom from fear, from evil constraints and from guilt. During the church night people were allowed to discover and enjoy this space of freedom for themselves", explains pastor ruth neufeld, who is responsible for the organization of the "open church night is responsible.

In his own rhythm

The "open church night is not a service that begins and ends at a specific time. Throughout the evening, visitors to the church and parish hall are free to come, stay and leave as they please. The church night ends with a closing prayer at 23.40 o’clock. At midnight, the church’s trombone choir will mark reformation day with the luther hymn "ein feste burg ist unser gott" (a strong castle is our god) bury and the "open church night" remained.

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