“Special case: the habberge district

Even if participation in only one transport association would be more favorable than membership in two (independent) associations, only one path is conceivable for district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU): the path to two transport associations, to which the district of habberge belongs.
"Our district forms this link" in one direction to bamberg or the nurnberg area and in the other direction to schweinfurt, wurzburg or the mainfranken region. "From the commuters" point of view, we have movements in one direction and in the other", said the district administrator yesterday at the meeting of the district committee of the habberge district council. "That"s why it was clear that if we say "yes" to one thing, we will also say "yes" to another."

Ebern has been around for a long time

"Yes" said the habberge district has long been a member of the upper and central franconia region: since 2010, it has been a member of the transport association grobraum nurnberg (VGN). However, according to the district administration, only the "bamberg-ebern rail line was integrated into the VGN, together with the bus lines in its catchment area". To the 1. January 2018, the tariff integration of the remaining part of the district of habberge will take place.
Now the county also wants to enable uniform fares in the direction of mainfranken, which is why an expansion of the current "mainfranken transport association" is planned by establishing the new "verkehrsverbund mainfranken gmbh" is founded. Its area will "roughly double" compared to the old network, both in terms of flatness and population, as the district administrator explained at the meeting on wednesday in the habfurt town hall. In short, the state of affairs: "with the VGN we are fully in the network, with the VVM it is the first step there", said schneider.
A transport association makes it possible for users of public transport to pay uniform fares; in addition, there are special promotions that can take effect in the association. For example, if you buy a ticket for a home game of the 1. FC nurnberg, who will also be granted free use of public transport in the area covered by the nurnberg transport association on match days. Until now, if you took a train from habfurt or zeil to nurnberg with a stadium ticket, you had to buy a ticket to the train station in oberhaid (bamberg district), because this is where the VGN began. Those who drove from ebern did not have to pay anything extra because ebern has been part of the VGN catchment area since 2010. This is now a thing of the past, because the district will be completely integrated.
In the direction of mainfranken, however, this is far from being the case. It is a "very difficult matter" and also a protracted matter, said schneider. "The process will certainly take three, four or five years." the current plans provide for the. January 2018 to found the new company, whose shareholders, according to the meeting documents, are "the nine task bearers of planning regions 2 and 3" the following were there: the cities of schweinfurt and wurzburg and the counties of habberge, bad kissingen, kitzingen, main-spessart, rhon-grabfeld, schweinfurt and wurzburg.

When it comes to money…

On wednesday, christopher alm presented the plans in more detail. Alm is opnv coordinator at the schweinfurt district office and, in connection with the VVM relaunch, is also responsible for planning region 3, which includes habberge county. At present, the VVM is faced with the task of reorganizing its structure, which has changed significantly as a result of the expansion. He said that the core points of the work would be to determine the one-time costs and the ongoing costs for planning region 3 and to reorganize the distribution of revenue among the transport companies in the transport association.
The transport companies were already preparing for the negotiations "by the end of next year, it was possible to reach an agreement", said alm. I think the negotiations will be difficult, especially when it comes to money." alm nevertheless believes a solution will be found "i am confident".
Alm could not say anything concrete about the costs of the new VVM, but the aim is to have mixed financing, with the municipal task bearers as shareholders initially expecting a lump sum of 25 cents per inhabitant and the transport companies a lump sum, still to be determined, from the revenue from the journeys.
District administrator schneider remarked: "25 cents is the first step. If it stayed that way, it would be already. But you have to be realistic." The flat rate could therefore be adjusted upward once again. Nevertheless, all committee members were in favor of the habberge district's participation in the mainfranken transport association and, with regard to the nurnberg transport association, also in favor of a two-track approach in this matter: "we knew from the beginning that it would involve double costs, said about holger baunacher (junge liste) "but it is simply necessary." Or as birgit bayer (wahlergemeinschaft) put it: "we need both transport networks. It has to be worth it."

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