Suzan baker’s musical message is also a spiritual one

Musically the schwurbitzers were used to the holidays. While the brass band’s easter concert on easter sunday attracted an overwhelming number of visitors to the protestant church on easter monday, the musical evening with suzan baker and dennis luddicke did the same.
The french-thuringian combination was reflected by the concertgoers. After a rough coach from thuringia stood in front of the church, it was firmly in french-thuringian hands. "Since I made a few jokes about the thuringians last time, dennis got some reinforcement this time", joked thomas gruber, who was in charge of the church service. But the exceptional guitarist, who once again impressed the audience with his virtuoso guitar playing, didn’t really need that kind of cover. He is the counterpart to the convincing voice of suzan baker, for whose vocal power the church nave is almost too small. With "holy daddy where are you now?" From her CD "the loudest thoughts ever the singer opened the small concert, and in view of her outspoken commitment to the christian message, it became clear again and again how much god and his son jesus christ determine her life.

Touching songs

"Make A joyfull noise to the lord" the motto was also appropriate for the happy easter message, which was effectively underlined by the festively illuminated altar with the picture of the risen jesus. We should be "act to recognize also in the small things of our life", this was the claim of thomas gruber’s words as well as the musical message of suzan baker, who loved to add experiences from her own life to her touching songs.
It’s the love of god that makes them sing their very own song "agape inspired. The infinity of space and the incomparable depth of the sea could only begin to describe the love that god bestows on each and every one of us. One can only admire her in her deep faith, for which she testifies with her words and her songs.
"I’m going to be a pastor", she confessed with a smile after the concert, and indeed she reaches people more intensively through her musical confession of faith than many a clergyman through his sermon from the pulpit. Her songs are international. English and recently also spanish make up the linguistic emphasis of her songs, because the term "love" can be found in the delicate rhythms and the melodious spanish so incomparably unpragmatic let express.

German songs too

The audience goes along enthusiastically. Rhythmic clapping accompanies many of the songs. Suzan baker also took to heart the wish of some concertgoers with less knowledge of foreign languages. She has included some german-language songs in her repertoire, and she also translates the content of some english-language songs before she sings them.
The easter concerts by suzan baker and denis luddicke in schwurbitz have long since become a beloved tradition, as has the subsequent retreat in the neighboring parish hall, where easter can be concluded in a convivial atmosphere.

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