The secrecy of the ballot must be preserved

Voting districts in prichsenstadt to be redrawn after 2014 municipal elections. The city council thus complies with a recommendation of the district administration, according to which the individual polling stations must be set up according to a legal basis in such a way that it is not possible to recognize how the individual voter voted.

Affected are the villages of bimbach (118 voters), jarkendorf (94), neudorf (107) and neuses am sand (94).

Actually, the council should have introduced the restructuring already for the next election, said deputy mayor alfons saugel (who represented mayor alfons falkenstein, who was ill for a long time). However, most of the city councillors could not warm to this. Hans-dieter kern, for example, argued that voter turnout is very high, especially in municipal elections, and that the peculiarities of this election make it impossible to tell how individuals voted. Councilman lothar ebert agreed and added that this restructuring could not be stopped, but that at least the municipal elections could still be held in the traditional polling places.

Council member michael glos sees a decline in voters at the ballot box itself. "Many people make use of the ballot because, on the one hand, it is no longer necessary to justify it with vacations and the like and, on the other hand, people can study the long lists of names at home in peace and then make their choice". The secrecy of the vote is also preserved at the ballot box, according to city councilor werner kluber, "which is why we can definitely postpone the restructuring until after the local elections.

The council then also approved hans-dieter kern’s motion for postponement by a vote of 12:2. After the municipal elections, the four voting districts and their polling stations will be merged. Then it looks like the following: the voting district of bimbach/neudorf votes in neudorf, jarkendorf/stadelschwarzach in stadelschwarzach and neuses am sand/brunnau in brunnau. The remaining voting districts and polling stations remain unchanged. The council appointed lothar ebert, third mayor, and michael glos, city councilor, to be the electoral officer.

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