Thousands of visitors at “harley days” in hamburg

Thousands of visitors at 'harley days' in hamburg

Heavy motorcycles and roaring engines dominated the street scene in hamburg on saturday. Bikers presented their modified bikes at the "ride-in.

According to police reports, around 20,000 visitors came to "harley days" on friday evening to marvel at motorcycles from the iconic u.S. Brand. Figures for saturday morning were not initially available.

Usually around 100 bikers take part in the ride-in, as a spokesman for harley davidson germany said. A jury of experts awards the best conversions in various categories.

One topic that preoccupied the followers of the american motorcycle brand in hamburg was the retaliatory tariffs imposed by the EU on some U.S. Products. "This is what is being discussed here", said the speaker. However, he says, this is a bit of a discussion in a vacuum, because it is not yet clear how exactly harley davidson will react to it. The retaliatory tariffs are the EU’s response to punitive tariffs imposed by the US on steel and aluminum products.

The start of the "harley days" has remained calm so far, said a police spokesman on saturday. Hamburg should prepare for traffic disruptions on sunday. BETWEEN 12.00 and 16.00 o’clock thousands of bikers will present their motorcycles on a 30 kilometers long round from the harbor edge street to the coarse market.

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