Tongued with a rolling pin

Tongued with a rolling pin

The effervescent sudlandian temperament of her life’s journeyman got a wife and mother to trace several times and up close in the past three years. "It is already massive to strike with the rolling pin", criticized on thursday the kronach penalty judge christoph lehmann their 50-year-old ex-lifers from the district of kronach. The defendant had to answer for dangerous and simple bodily injury as well as for damage to property. 1800 euros (120 daily rates at 15 euros) the bully now has to pay to the state treasury for his former outbursts.

At the beginning of the trial, prosecutor mario geyer presented the former statements of the injured party, which have now been included in the indictment. In 2017, the father of several children allegedly hit his partner on the head with a file folder first. But that was not enough for prugel: right after that he allegedly went one better by hitting her on the head with a rolling pin. The woman is said to have sunk to the ground in the process. The health consequences for the injured: weeks of nervous paralysis.

In august of last year, the 50-year-old is said to have flipped out again and several times. This time he is said to have thundered so hard on his partner’s car windshield that the glass cracked. Not yet relieved and still on the same day the rather small and disgraceful accused is said to have kicked her lower leg in such a way that the leg swelled up massively. The woman drew the consequences a week later filed a complaint and moved out of the shared apartment.

Temperamental relationship

"The crime is admitted", informed the defendant through his defense attorney albrecht von imhoff. The couple had a very temperamental relationship. In the quarrel both are mutually against each other. "The accused also had to take a lot of punishment", said the defense counsel.

The temperament of the defendant was later revealed to the judge in verbal form. At the beginning, the defendant explained with a lot of self-pity in his tone, that he had fulfilled almost all of the exaggerated wishes of his life threatener in the relationship. After he later rejected some of them, it always came to a quarrel, although he always wanted to avoid it. Sometimes they had also built up threateningly in front of him. Most of the time, household appliances and other things flew through the apartment.

"You describe yourself as someone who "avoids every argument", the judge summarized. Then he reproached the accused that his new ex-girlfriend had currently applied for protection from violence in court because she was afraid of him. According to their descriptions, he had also briefly lashed out at her and injured her. "They present themselves as victims, but there is already another complaint", the judge added.

The defendant countered loudly: "I was attacked by her, she has a psychological problem. Arrest me, put me in jail. I have already admitted many things that I have not done at all". With the sentence: "the victim role has now come to an end, we are not here at the table", the judge ended the discussion. After a break in the proceedings and consultation with his lawyer, the 50-year-old renewed his confession in a more peaceful tone.

Confession mitigates punishment

A fine was sufficient, the prosecutor said. The reason: the defendant had no criminal record and his confession saved the injured party from having to testify in court. Nevertheless, he criticized: "the acts had a lot of intensity".

The defendant had an ideal image of a relationship, which, however, did not realize love, the defense attorney explained. He asked to take into account that his client is currently in a difficult financial and health situation and asked to take this into account in the sentence. "Leave it at that and do not make his life more difficult."

The judge summarized in his verdict: certainly there were problems in the relationship, which were homemade. But even the most catastrophic situation does not justify such a massive strike and noodle.

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