Training the brain with mnemonics

training the brain with mnemonics

Numerous women came to the christmas-decorated parish hall in oerlenbach to celebrate the 50. And thus to attend last women’s breakfast. Laila matejka, one of germany’s best-known memory trainers, gave a talk to the participants on the topic of "memory in swing. It would be optimal if both sides of the brain, the logical and the creative, were to work together. But while this still works fine for children, these skills are increasingly diminished in adults.

To help the brain, she presented various memory strategies, so-called mnemonics. These connected places and knowledge with each other. A "body list, on which you can easily remember your shopping list or the last twelve american presidents in the correct order by means of vivid, self-created pictures, she worked out together with the participants. The crazier the associated images, the easier it is to remember the corresponding things.

The lecture was very entertaining due to the active participation of the participants and there was also a lot of laughter. The team of the oerlenbacher frauenfruhstuck stops this successful event series due to health, time or professional reasons. It can be looked back on 50 breakfasts in 13 years with the most different lectures and many beautiful hours. Thanks are due to those women from the district and beyond who have regularly participated in recent years. Many have the "verwohnzeit" enjoyed, exchanged ideas, had a good breakfast, was inspired by lectures and made friends.

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