Tv ebern wants to use the home advantage

Tv ebern wants to use the home advantage

All in all, the preparation was satisfactory. Although there were always regulars missing who could not train due to illness, work or vacation, but the rest was very committed and with full dedication to the cause.

With a varied preparation program and the support of ralf hafner, trainer joachim kraft gave his men the fitness they needed. The eleven also always sold themselves quite well in the preparatory games. So the TVE was on eye level with the regional league augsfeld for 90 minutes and lost only narrowly with 1:2. A last test at short notice on the artificial turf in hallstadt he won against the district league team from schwabthal with 4:0.

All players have recommended themselves for a use
However, stegaurach will be of a different caliber. Although trainer kraft was unable to call on his strongest lineup in any of the test matches, the players who stepped in did not replace him in any way. It will be interesting to see which eleven he will trust on sunday. It doesn't matter who comes on: it is important to work as a team and, if possible, "to zero" to play.

For this purpose, it is necessary that the team opens the game from a securely standing defense and provides the offensive forces with balls via the midfield. It will also be decisive that the key players from stegaurach, riley, eichhorn and dorn, do not come to fruition. In the preliminary round they separated 0:0, this is actually too little for the hosts this time. They aim for a threesome. Personnel it does not look so bad with the TSV. Only injured is still torhuter kapell. For professional reasons elflein is also not available.

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