“We want to build bridges”

The association dardania bamberg has set itself the goal of challenging the relationship between german and albanian citizens in the city of bamberg, without forgetting the albanian language, art, culture and tradition.
"The integration of the albanian population into the german society succeeds best if the albanian identity can be cultivated at the same time", says florim gashi. He is the chairman of the association.

What do you miss most about your kosovan homeland??
Florim gashi: of course i miss my family first and foremost. I visit them as often as I can. But it would have been better if she could have come to me in bamberg. Unfortunately, this is still not possible without a visa, and such a visa is difficult to obtain in kosovo. And then I also miss a certain sudanese looseness here in germany from time to time. (laughs)

Your longing for sudlandian looseness will probably not have been the reason for starting dardania.
Well, just for the visa-free regime it would be worth fighting for. But of course the association is about more: we want to build bridges between germany and the albanian-inhabited regions on the balkans. We need to continue ongoing projects such as the exchange between the bamberg charity and the charity in kosovo.

What else?
It's about integration and humanitarian aid. As an association you can participate in social life in a different way than as an individual. I wanted to bundle the forces and give the commitment an official framework.

What specific projects does your association want to tackle??
Oh, there are many possibilities! We want to get something going in sports, because interculturalism is always quite easy there. But we are also interested in cultural projects and education. The next concrete goal is quite immodestly a partnership between the UNESCO world heritage cities prizren/kosovo and bamberg. That would be a dream!

How many helpers can you count on at the moment??
At our rough opening party last weekend there were about 150 people, also from the politics. If you are well networked, you can make a big difference. The club itself currently has only 50 active members.

Who can become a member of dardania?
Everyone who shares our values and goals. We are looking forward to everyone who is interested in living together and making a difference between germans and albanians.

The conversation continued christoph hagele.

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