Protect the neighbors from glances

Vacation season also in the dettelbach city council. There then the main and building committee takes over the work. At the meeting on thursday evening, it became clear that city council members also take vacations, and of the seven regular members, five had sent their representatives. They worked their way through the almost 150 pages of meeting documents.

However: including the agenda and cover sheet, there were only six pages dealing with relevant dettelbach issues. The rest was a flat use and development plan change of the city of kitzingen in the area "schwarzacher strabe ost", in which the concerns of the city of dettelbach are not affected. Paper flood kept in check as dettelbacher rate get meeting documents delivered online.

Builders in the bibergauer strabe development area in euerfeld wanted to obtain approval for the erection of a 90-centimeter-high but still 24-meter-long retaining wall to support the debris as an exemption from the development plan. The rate refused to protect neighbors from view.

Trend bau wins the contract to rehabilitate the "oberer kuffleinsmuhlenweg" farm road in bruck. The bid amount is 56.734 euros, the cost estimate was 60.000 euro.

The renovation of the main paths in the euerfeld cemetery requires additional work, such as the correction of displaced steps and the installation of strip paving instead of a strip foundation, which makes digging difficult. The supplement amounts to only about 3500 euros, but since this exceeds the bid amount of about 28,000 euros by more than ten percent, the committee had to make a decision.

Since the building yard is unable to carry out some of the work, the shell and trench work on the horn’sches spital will cost almost 35,000 euros more than the 15,000 euros that had been calculated. Since the core drilling position is very expensive, this is to be put out to tender again separately with specialist companies. The administration hopes that this will lead to a more favorable result. In order for the work to be carried out this year, the mayor may ultimately award the contract to the lowest bidding firm.

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